Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

The versatility and flexibility of water jet profile cutting as a tool has seen its popularity grow rapidly since its introduction in the mid 1990’s. Some key advantages are:-

No heat affected zone (HAZ) -

One of the biggest advantages is that water jet is a cold cutting technology. This allows materials to be cut that would otherwise be burned, melted or cracked by other cutting methods. It also guarantees that no structural or metallurgical changes occur tothe materials being processed. 

Environmentally friendly -

The process is clean and does not create dust, fumes or hazardous gases. Cutting oils or coolants are not required.

Narrow kerf -

The amount of material removed by the water jet stream is typically 0.5-1.0 mm wide, meaning that very little material is removed. When working with expensive material (titanium, inconel, monel etc..) or hazardous material (such as lead), water jets small kerf, or cut width optimizes material use.

Nesting -

With state-of the-art CAD software combined with our multi cutting head machinery we have the ability to cut hundreds of different parts together in one nest. This gives us the ability to significantly reduce the amount of material required, whilst at the same time reducing the component processing time.

Set up -

All our programming is carried out offline in a designated CAD office. This allows a quick and relatively easy set up at the machine.

Large components -

Water Jet Cutting can meet the demands of most customer enquiries and cut the largest of profiles. With a maximum cutting bed size of 6000mm by 3000mm and an overhead crane with a 9 tonne lifting capacity, there are few components we cannot accommodate.

10,000Kg Crane Lift

Other advantages to Water Jet Cutting

•  High Cutting Speeds Many Commonly Used Materials
•  Minimal Fixturing Required
•  High Repeat Accuracy
•  No Crushing of Material
•  No Tool Sharpening
•  Just-in-time Manufacturing Ability
•  Eliminates Post Machining in Most Cases
• Rapid Prototyping
• One-Off To Volume Production

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