Innovation and Investment

Innovation and Investment

CAD Software

In 2012 the company invested in a new, industry focused CAD package that is designed specifically with water jet cutting as its primary user. Its installation has brought about dramatic changes, all of which have a direct positive impact on what we offer our customers. Chief among these improvements are faster cutting times, superior quality and better utilisation of material.

The software also has its own inbuilt estimating package which is linked directly to each of our water jet machines. As a result, we are able to upload CAD profiles and attain true machine cutting times which are accurate to the second. Add to that a material utilisation module that nests the maximum number of parts in the best possible way and you have a very precise and efficient estimating tool. When combined these factors ensure the customer gets as many parts as possible at the best price, every time.

Virtek Laser

The Virtek LaserQC is a scanning facility with the ability to produce 1st Article Inspection data on any flat part. It can also instantly store this data in the preferred geometry-based DXF format used by all of our water jet cutting machines. In the event that drawings are not available and customers can supply sample parts, a geometry file or DXF can be produced that is compatible with any of our ten water jet machines.

The inspection features provided by the LaserQC are accomplished by simply comparing the scanned part to the CAD generated DXF or drawing that was used to create the part. The state-of-the-art software instantly defines and highlights any part deviations right on the computer screen. This process provides our inspector with the instant ability to view and compare the part to the original geometry from which it was developed. It is these automated shop floor level features that allow us to rapidly complete the inspection process, while increasing productivity.

Abrasive Recycling System

Running costs are an ongoing concern for any business wishing to succeed in today’s climate and it is no different here at Water Jet Cutting. That is why we are always looking to improve our manufacturing efficiency and minimise costs where ever possible. As a result, in late 2013 we continued our innovative tradition and took the bold step of installing the first UK based Ward Pro Abrasive Recycling System.

The System recycles more than 50% of the used abrasive helping to reduce our processing costs and enabling us to offer customers competitive pricing. As an ISO 14001 accredited company, recycling has a direct and positive impact on reducing abrasive waste sent to landfill.

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Innovation & Investment

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